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Saturday, September 11, 2004


Some interesting discussion on the youthmultimedia list.

Let's put two and two together, shall we?

Link to Red Simons camping up a few soundbites from the PM. Who do YOU trust?

Link to Fairfax article (SMH) postulating pop culture constant pumping out content.

It's not just music - the whole world is in a rush..... Politicians communicate in shorter and shorter sound bites.

Accelerated culture, says Schwartz, also throws up more global issues: "The age of uncertainty and this all-incessant change is actually tied up with fear ... you know.... politicians are all crooks...."

And "clever" has-been comedians try and distill a complex political issue into a few sound bites played over and over again. Imagine the words of JFK or Martin Luthor King being boiled down with this treatment. It trivialises the issue to absurdity, adds nothing to public debate, and dumbs down discussion to a few power point friendly dot points.

And it's been done before. Never heard of Pauline Pantsdown?

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