You've found Father McKenzie. But are you really looking for Eleanor Rigby?

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Until the coalition split because one mocked the city walls the other had built...

Move over, Kemp brothers (both sets of you):

GDANSK, Poland -- When they were kids, the Kaczynski twins were a pair of tricksters. Friends could barely tell them apart, let alone teachers. Jaroslaw, the older by 45 minutes, would take science tests for his brother, Lech, who would return the favor on language exams.

Today, the Kaczynski brothers are teaming up again, this time in a bid to take over the Polish government. Lech is running for president on Oct 9. Jaroslaw is mounting a separate campaign to become prime minister in parliamentary elections [on] Sunday [...]

-- Craig Whitlock, "In Poland, Twins Shoot for Moon: Siblings Run in Pair of National Elections", Washington Post (Sunday 25 September 2005), p A-27.

A talented pair. All that on top of directing the Matrix trilogy.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

"By the gods, not ANOTHER son of Zeus!..."

UPDATE: Okay, I was wrong about LL's character's name.

UPDATE: Speaking of Apollo... Core Command, please tell Dr Paye to countermand that last request, repeat, countermand that last request...

UPDATE: The blasts from the past just got bigger and louder...

Elisabeth Sladen resumes her role as the iconic character Sarah Jane Smith, remembered by a whole generation of Doctor Who fans as the assistant to both Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker. The [Dr Who] Christmas Special will be screened later this year and series two is scheduled for spring 2006.

Sounds like the Colonial Fleet is to undergo a crash course in Xena-biology:
Lucy Lawless, best known for her performance as the lead character in the syndicated smash-hit series, Xena, Warrior Princess, will be appearing in several episodes of the second season of Battlestar Galactica, as confirmed by TV Guide. Lawless will be playing a journalist and will appear in more than one episode, according to the report in In a recent "Ask Ausiello" column at, Michael Ausiello said that the name of the character Lawless will be playing has not yet been released, nor any other details. [...]

- Wayne Hall, "'BSG' Gets Lawless In Second Season", syfyportal (13 June 2005)

Hmmmmm... Journalist... hint, hint. Doubtless she'll play one of the, aah, serener [scratches nose] characters in CSI: Caprica. [Cough! Cough!]

In the old Seventies Galactica, LL's character would have been named something like "Avardia" or "Fortrella", but knowing Ron Moore, in the new Noughties Battlestar: JAG she'll get either a moniker like "Artemisia" or else a moniker like "Lynette Smith".

Addendum: Given the new Galactica's predilection for both (1) cameos and shout-outs, and (2) a Graeco-Roman rather than an Egyptian "feel" (begone you von Danikenesque nutters!), it can only be a matter of time before we see a character named "Belisarius".