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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Until the coalition split because one mocked the city walls the other had built...

Move over, Kemp brothers (both sets of you):

GDANSK, Poland -- When they were kids, the Kaczynski twins were a pair of tricksters. Friends could barely tell them apart, let alone teachers. Jaroslaw, the older by 45 minutes, would take science tests for his brother, Lech, who would return the favor on language exams.

Today, the Kaczynski brothers are teaming up again, this time in a bid to take over the Polish government. Lech is running for president on Oct 9. Jaroslaw is mounting a separate campaign to become prime minister in parliamentary elections [on] Sunday [...]

-- Craig Whitlock, "In Poland, Twins Shoot for Moon: Siblings Run in Pair of National Elections", Washington Post (Sunday 25 September 2005), p A-27.

A talented pair. All that on top of directing the Matrix trilogy.

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