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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Ellen DeGener(ate) to Play God(dess)

More Cameron forwards....

COMEDIAN Ellen DeGeneres is getting a promotion - to supreme being.

DeGeneres will star as God in a remake of the 1977 comedy "Oh, God!".

The original starred George Burns as the creator and John Denver as a supermarket manager tapped as a new prophet.

"Ellen is a strong comedian and she has always done material about God and questions about God," said Jerry Weintraub, who produced the original movie and also will oversee the remake.

Weintraub said he would hire a screenwriter and director with the aim to shoot the movie during a break in DeGeneres' schedule from her talk show next summer.

From: The Herald Sun, your daily dose of tabloid trivia!

I wonder what the comparison would be between an octogenarian Eastern European Jew formerly known as Nathan Birnbaum?

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Beverly said...

I found your 'page' when I was wanted to check the spelling of Ellen Degenerate to write the following:
Regarding "The Ellen DeGener(ate) Show"
Please object to this debauched woman’s appearance.
Such a person appearing will worsen the problems we are having trying to raise children to be all the good they can be. If WCYB airs this show, she will appear even when we keep her program turned off. We would be seeing her in advertisements for future programs.