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Monday, September 13, 2004

Haroon Siddiqui on Beslan

In the interest of balance, I have found some material by Haroon Siddiqui , well-known columnist at the Toronto Star, commenting on the Beslan massacre of the innocents:

"Commentary on the Beslan tragedy fell into two camps, attributing the terrorism either to the so-called Islamic culture of death or to Russian brutality in Chechnya...."

He goes on to explain this first point of view (Islamic culture of death) , and then turns to the second (Russian brutality in Chechnya):
"The contary view .... justifies the killing of innocent civilians. The thinking is found not only among some militants but also their backers among Muslims."

Siddiqui then goes on to list the Russians heavy-handed apparoch in Chechnya and compares this with Bush and Sharon.

If I read this quote right, it is OK to kill other people's children if they have killed yours first. Revenge is the way to go. So there is support for the Chechyan terrorist who said at the school,
"The Russians killed 20 of my children and now I am going to kill you."

Haroon Siddiqui is not just explaining their evil motivations. He is justifying them to a world that weeps.

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