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Monday, September 27, 2004

Bomb Scare in Brisbane CBD

A friend of mine had a bomb scare outside his building in Brisbane - the Commonwealth centre - and he doesn't think it was a hoax. It was apparently set to go off at 5:01pm and catch the workers leaving the building. Someone noticed the suspicious package and contacted security. The police attended and cordoned off Adelaide and Creek Streets, then once it was investigated
that locked down the entrance/exits on that side of the building. He tells me he got out the train station side so it was not an impediment to him. Apparently, it was discovered not long before 5pm. No mention of it was made on the news at 6pm. Bomb scares aren't that unusual because the building has several (Australian) Federal Govt organisations resident that rile people eg Child Support, ATO, Centrelink. His IT manager was the one came in and said it was genuine, but he doesn't have anymore info than that at the moment. Hopefully we will hear some real info tomorrow when the Security Manager reports on the incident. If you were one of the hundreds of people inconvenienced by the closed off CBD streets, you know now why.

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