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Friday, September 17, 2004

Palestinian Family Terror

Nice article from your ABC making contact with terrorists - now, will they pass on their infor to the aprropriate authorities or maintain their journalistic "integrity" and pave the way for more innocent deaths?

In an exclusive interview with AM, members of the Qawasmeh family say
Israel will never crack the secretive family cell.

Mark Willacy reports from Hebron.

Scattered in the dust and rubble of Abdul Qawasmeh's home are family photographs from happier times. And stuck proudly on a wall which survived the Israeli army demolition is a large photo of youngest son Ahmed. But it's not a family snap from times gone by, but rather a so-called martyrs poster printed last week. "I'm going to be honest with you, what my son did was right," Abdul Qawasmeh tells me.Two weeks ago Ahmed Qawasmeh hopped on a bus in the Israeli city of Beer Sheva and detonated a suicide bomb belt. Within moments a second Palestinian man blew himself up on another bus just a few hundred metres away. Sixteen people were killed, among them a three-year-old boy. Ahmed Qawasmeh was the fifth member of his Hebron-based family to become a suicide bomber.

Note the terminology:
1. family cell
2. martyrs poster
3. suicide bomb belt
3. suicide bomber

Let's change that:
2. TERRORIST poster
3. TERRORIST bomb belt
4. TERRORIST bomber

Doesn't sound much like family tragedy any more, does it Mark? Let's hope Mr Qawasmeh runs out of relatives real soon.

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