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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Mark Steyn on Saved

A film yet to hit the shores here in Aus - although I did see Mandy Moore selling here wares on the Today show. Quote from Mr Steyn:

USA Today called it ‘irreverent’ and ‘subversive’. Au contraire, if you wanted to be irreverent and subversive, you’d have set it at American Eagles Wahhabi Madrassah and had great sport with the pseudo-hip imam. But, though
deriding Christians is obvious and risk-free, it still depends for its effectiveness on a passing acquaintance with the subject-matter, and there’s little evidence of that .... It’s hard to be genuinely funny when you’re so determined to patronise
your own characters. So we get wall-to-wall white-bread Christians who are
witless, superstitious, shallow and insensitive.

Read the rest of the review for more. I saw this movie previewed on Aus. TV a little while back and had a sneaking suspicion its intent was to paint the traditional redneck jocks and teen bitch cheerleader girls beloved of US adolescent B-movies as bigotted Christians. And guess what? Instead of revenge of the nerds, and the quiet girl with glasses who is really, we have gays, single moms, Jews and cripples as our sympathetic characters. Someone get a life, quick.

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