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Monday, November 22, 2004

Living the Questions

Just been put onto by the Youth Multimedia list. As an alternative to Alpha . . I don't think so. Unless you want to breed a generation of liberal heretics.

And the contributors! Shelby Spong! "Tex" Sample! Nancy Ammerman! To quote Obi Wan's assessment of Mos Eisley spaceport would be to generous.

From the resource itself:

After searching in vain for a number of years, it was clear that in order to offer a practical tool for attracting, educating, and equipping thinking Christians, something new would have to be created.

Keep searching guys! Pity about all of those "non-thinking" Christians out there. They can just put up with the Bible.


schmendrick said...

hi stephen,

first, i'd never seen 'living the questions' til the link from your site.

just wondering if there's anything on the site itself that causes you to be able to make the summary judgement you have as to its worth? is it just about the contributors that tells you what you need to know about it? the language/choice of labels they use?

i don't own any work by any of the contributors but am aware of some of them. actually, that's not quite true - i have some john bell (from iona) stuff and have had the chance to meet him and enjoy some of the finer things in life with him (anyone who loves to share a wee dram and/or a glass of red starts high in my estimation).

is it the anti-alpha tag? were you serious about the idea that the Bible alone is all we need to understand God's Word?

i guess i'm still new to your blog so trying to catch your emphases and passions - this blog just stood out and i was keen to hear more about what the major issue was as it didn't leap out at me as 'liberal heretics' - at least not from the site.

anyway, just keen to engage.

Anonymous said...

I think the first thing I realized after seeing some of the "Living the Questions" videos is that the title is misleading. I think it should be called "We Have Different Answers for You" I found "Jesus for the Non Religious" (John Shelby Spong)at my library, and these are some of the chapter titles "There was no star over Bethlehem" "The parents of Jesus:fictionalized composites" "The Crucifixion Narrative Liturgy Masquerading as History" etc. I read the book. I can't imagine in what way he is "Living the Questions" He is full of answers.