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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Criticism No Reason For Murder

And now back to the Islamofascists (as Mark Steyn calls them) or Islamocommies (as George Pell calls them).

Of course, the reasons for this discrepancy are all too obvious and expose the hypocrisy of the cultural and political Left while underlining the dangers Western culture faces from Islamic extremism. For in the sophicates' world view, only certain religions – chief among them Christianity – are approved targets.

Meanwhile, Islam, which is as much a political system as a religious one and is predicated on the idea that the state must always be subservient to religious law, is given victim status and rendered immune to criticism.
The discrepancy is the leftist media's differing responses to the murder of Van Gogh vs the re-election of George W Bush. History repeats itself - another Van Gogh suffers for his art. Perhaps Don McLean could pen another tune to mourn the death of an artist...

In 2003 George Michael recorded "The Grave," from McLean's "American Pie" album, as a protest against the Iraq war. McLean said he was proud that Michael chose his song. "We must remember that the wizard is really a cowardly old man hiding behind a curtain with a loud microphone," he said at the time. "It takes courage and a song to pull the curtain open and expose him."

Asked if he took any flak for his political expression, McLean said he has taken criticism for a long time, and recalled the time that someone threw a hardhat at him for something he said onstage in 1969. He remains critical of President George W. Bush's Iraq war policy.

"Things are so out of control in America," he said. "I'm so depressed over things. Everybody was so cowed by all this march to war and all this flag waving and this insanity."

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