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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Abortion rate worries Abbott

Tony Abbott here starting an issue (or actually restarting one of his favourites). Very interesting to see he handled the interview on the ABC's AM program:

1. Avoiding guaranteeing that there wouldn't be a change of Government policy on the issue
2. Refused to be drawn on an actually time for the lateness of abortions in terms of number of weeks
3. Declined to discuss whether or not he had talked about the matter with the PM
4. No comment (actual silence) on whether discussions with the PM was "too sensitive" for him, or whether any work was being done in his portfolio on the issue of abortion.

And what DID he say?

"...I certainly share the concerns that many people have about the number of abortions that are taking place in Australia today."
"...but I think a debate has started in the community and let's see where the debate goes."
"...I think a lot of people in the community have similar concerns."
"...let's see where this debate develops"
"...Well I think there is a debate developing in the community and let's see where it goes."

I think the ABC's reporter, Matt Brown, had his radar locked on target when he suggested, "Has this been a subject, this important issue, an issue in which you're trying to build a constituency for change?"

Yes, Mr Abbott, you are certainly trying to build a constituency for change. These comments seem to come out of the blue. Why not just come out and say that you have a passionate anti-abortion agenda, than seem to hide behind thealready ongoing debate between pro-choice and pro-life. What has prompted this renewal of focus on abortion? Tony, reveal you mind to us. How else are you going to build support?

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