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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Beliefs get in the way

Peter Scruby, of Hamilton, writes in the Letters section of The Courier-Mail on Wednesday November 3:

How can Health Minister Tony Abbott be objective about abortion with the strong Roman Catholic beliefs he holds? When an ABC radio interviewer asked Abbott if he had spoken to Prime Minister John Howard about medicare funding of late-term abortions, he refused to answer to the point of absolute silence.Why? There's no doubting his intelligence, but I worry religious beliefs may override other considerations in the abortion issue.

Mr Scruby, how can you be objective about Tony Abbott with the strong anti-Catholic beliefs you hold? I am no apologist for Tony Abbott, but why should he have to disclose to the ABC the Prime Minister's confidential view? There is doubting of your intelligence, and I worry your intolerant attitude towards Catholics may override other considerations , such as allowing all sides the chance to be heard.

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