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Friday, November 05, 2004

The Courier-Mail on CNN!

Finally - affirmation from our American cousins that our local rag is worth quoting:

Former ANZUS treaty adviser Professor Ross Babbage, who has just returned from defense briefings in the U.S., told the Queensland state-based Courier-Mail newspaper that new fighting tactics and cutting-edge communications would be tested in Australia.

From CNN - the news organisation that brought you Gulf War I and II - now comes - Professor Ross Babbage.

What a great time for Australia! Our resume...

1. Joined US-led Mesopotamian Expeditionary Force with "pre-deployment" option
2. Helping develop US Joint Strike Fighter program
3. Role in US missile defense shield project
4. Threaten "pre-emptive" strikes against Indonesia and other SE Asian nations
5. Purchased 50+ US Abrams tanks for "seamless integration" into US deployments
6. Scrapping F-111 to be replaced by US-type F-18 Hornets armed with cruise missiles
7. Collins class submarines refitted torpedo tubes to accomodate bigger, heavier US torpedos
8. Mentioned in Dispatches by Osama bin Laden
9. Identified as intended targets by Bali bombers
10. All of this of course NOT INCREASING OUR LIKELIHOOD AS A TERRORIST TARGET according to Zander Downer

Recalls Midnight Oil's US Forces...

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