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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Abbott, Abortion and Christianity in Australia

The link is a bit stale but it still underlines the role that Christians can have in public life, and in particular, in government. Best quote:

Firstly, is there a helpful role for the particular views of religious people in public life? In thinking that there is not, Australia is on the extreme end of the international spectrum. Australia was formed in the white-heat of the European Enlightenment, and we inherited its most radical version, which says that the only valuable aspects of any religion are the bits everyone can agree on. (So Aussie pundits will tie Islam into knots to try and fit it into their Enlightenment-shaped suitcase.) But Abbott’s speech asks whether Christians make a unique contribution that only they can give. Secularists in Australia, who reject Christian thought, need to explain why they are so willing to enjoy the contributions of past Christian thought (such as Abbott hints at in the opening comments above).
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