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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Sex Sells

Just logged off hotmail and got redirected (automatically, of course!) to the NineMSN website.

Some articles caught my eye:

Two child porn suspects commit suicide - about pedopghiles caught as part of Operation Auxin.

Child detention is legal: High Court - how 4 Afghani children must stay in detention with their parents

Child killers on the loose. - how diseases are rife and killing kids in 3rd world countries

All thre provide some insight into how children children as regarded in Australian society. But the first one in particular made me think: why anyone would get into child pornogrpahy? But I suppose the bigger question is how prevalent sexual messages are in today's society, and how frequently people seek sexual gratification (legal or otherwise) outside of God's gift of marriage.

I wonder if the images on and articles NineMSN's homepage have anything to do with it:

Sexy lingerie!

Sexy Seafolly swimsuits

Huge adult toy sale!

Browse for a new bra

Meet the Babe finalists

Sexy wallpapers for $4!

Improved manhood

And this is just on ONE day. On a "mainstream media" website. Are we as a culture that depraved or deprived that we can't measure that which we have already become? Time to get NineMSN to take these messages away.

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