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Monday, October 18, 2004

ABC Anglican obsession

It seems the ABC is obsessed with all things Anglican - they even have a reporter in London filing briefs on what's happening as a report from an Anglican Commission is expected.

Does the ABC see Anglicanism as a kind of "national church" that it has a mandate to report on, or is an obession with all things queer the reason why the GayBC monitors the Church from the old Dart so closely? Perhaps they take their cues from the Beeb, and follow the trdaitionla suit. Maybe the Jensen bros. are the closest things to national celebrities who get any air time in the UK (apart from Kylie Minogue). Maybe the ABC wishes it could produce an Aussie "Songs of Praise" but just can't sem to muster the courage to beg the government for a few more pennies (although I thimk Johnny would be up for it, if you ask me).

In anycase we have the stereotypical ABC story of "conservaive Anglicans feud with Liberal Anglicans over something gay" . Read all about it.

What caught my ear was this line:

"So it appears the split may more be a case of the liberals leaving than the conservatives forming new allegiances."

This reminded me of a conversation I once had with a Presbyterian (who shall remain nameless (I have forgotten her name!)) whom I met once and was discussing the perseverance of the Presbyterian saints considering all were to have been subsumed by the 1977 merger of the Congs (-gregationalists), Methodists and Presbyterians in the Uniting Church.

She described the merger as the best thing that could have ever happened. The Uniting Church absorbed all of theirliberals, leaving them with a two-thirds majpority who were committed to traditional christianity.

Perhaps there is a future direction for the Uniting Church in Australia - do Anglicanism a similar favour.


Anonymous said...

Steve, do you ever get anyone posting a comment on your hard thought out satirical commentray on life ,the universe and everything


Stephen said...

Umm no I don't generally have a lot of comments posted.

Although there is a discussion going on under a post I made about "John Safran vs God"

If I write a post on the subject and there is not a lot of other recent web pages on it, my site will come up early in a google search - I get a number of hits this way.

I also generate my own discussion by writing to the media or politicians or whoever, posting my letter and their reply. This makes for an amusing past-time.

As I get so few comments, I have the luxury of being able to respond to each one individually.

Just because I don't get a comment doesn't mean people aren't reading!


Anonymous said...

I agree.
I often read your most interesting musings yet do not bother to post a comment.

Tell me where is the discussion about John Safran