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Monday, October 11, 2004

John Safran Vs God (Mon 4 Oct 04)

Just caught the last few minutes of John Safran on Monday night (I got distracted by a political special on the ABC - and I thought he would appear but he's actually on SBS)


He was interviewing politicians on the door step of Parliament House in Canberra to determine if they were vampires - and was casually ignored by most, but was neatly put in his place by Kevin Rudd.

John's interpretation of this has caused me to rethink his approach.

He cut to a scene outside Parliament hill (the grassy knoll) where he said that he wished he had a witty comeback for such moments but wasn't able to think of one on the spot.

Cut back to Kevin Rudd entering Parliament and John indeed attempting to throw a funny line which fell rather flat.

It seems Safran is well aware of his own comic shortfalls. Originally I had him pegged as a Denton wannabe, but he really is in a class by himself.

He is a true ingenue - a master of artless innocence. He also has a wicked eye for contradictions and hypocrisy (witness his excoriating attitude to Australians who dismiss Americans for being ignorant yet would likely fail
John's geography test on the location of Zaire - actually the Democratic African Republic of the Congo)

John - prove that I'm not a liar! Keep up the good work! And someone, please SMS me on Monday night so I don't miss him again.

And SBS - put this man on DVD. NOW!

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