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Thursday, April 08, 2004


Seen the latest in fashion? It involves mutilation of one's eye (now see here!)

Leave it to those crazy Dutchmen to do something like that. Reminds you of "Goldmember" doesn't it? "I'm from Holland - isn't that vierd?"

The title of this blog of course come from The Goodies episode where all the fashionable layabouts of London amputate their left leg in imitation of "Punkerella"'s appearance at the ball. (Punky Business). Ah the Goodies. The Prescient Ones.

Check out the last paragraph of the eyeball article:

"The institute, which carries out the procedure in cooperation with an eye clinic near the city of Utrecht, said it has a waiting list for people who wanted the implant."

And I bet you that list is as long as your arm. I see queues as snaking around corners like an opening weekend for a Hollywood blockbuster for that one. Idiots.

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