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Sunday, April 04, 2004


Here's something I found recently on the William Morris Agency website:

Realizing that the lines between sports, entertainment and business continue to blur, the William Morris Agency's Sports Marketing Department provides on- and off-field representation to a growing number of some of the most dynamic sports personalities in the industry.

Good logic. Follow along with me:

Sport = Entertainment. Ok, I'll give you that, and even the other way (Entertainment = Sport, for those mad sports fans out there)
Entertainment = Business. Yup, I'll subscribe to that as well.

I''l even give in to Sport = Business. There's heaps of dosh to be made there boys and girls.


Business = Sport? No way, na huh.
Business = Entertainment. Only at 1am when there's nothing else to watch except the stock market ticker scrolling across the bottom of the test pattern.

And "dynamic sports personality"? How about "play sport first - be a dynamic personality second". If you're on field getting hammered weekly for your dynamic personality, I think your ball skills need to improve.

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