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Friday, April 02, 2004

This is one of those areas in Iraq that is definitely squirrelly

Amidts the controversy over whether or not American news services should be showing graphic images of American dead, and the inevitable response by the US military,

I happened across the following comments:

1. "Viva mujahedeen!" shouted Said Khalaf, a taxi driver. "Long live the resistance!"

2. "Everybody here is happy with this," Mr. Furhan, the taxi driver, said. "There is no question."

3. Nearby, a boy no older than 10 ground his heel into a burned head. "Where is Bush?" the boy yelled. "Let him come here and see this!"

4. After the fires cooled, a group of boys tore the corpses out of the vehicles.... The boys dragged the blackened bodies to the iron bridge over the Euphrates River, about a mile away.

5. Captain Logan, who is stationed at a large walled base on the outskirts of the city, said, "This is one of those areas in Iraq that is definitely squirrelly."

Taxi drivers supply the resolve, boys provide the mayhem, while Marine officers draw on home grown hick comments to make sense of it all.

Picture this: Taxi Driver crossed with Lord of the Flies with a bit of Aliens thrown in for good measure. A foreign country, a US presence, and disgruntled locals. Sounds like every version of American foreign policy since the Alamo to me. It would also make a great Jerry Bruckheimer production .

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