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Sunday, April 11, 2004

B. L. O. G. = Blog Loving Obsessives Group

You know you're obsessive compulsive about your blog when:

1. The last thing you do at night, and the first thing you do in the morning, is think about blogging

2. You rigorously critique each passing thought in order to deem it "blogworthy" or not

3. You dream about blogging

4. You write things for your blog on the nearest scrap of paper so they don't get forgotten

5. You save each of these scraps, in case your blog ever "goes down"

6. You keep a handwritten blog diary of all of your blogs

7. You ensure your blogs are e-mailed to you, and you carefully archive them after printing each one out. Twice.

8. You try and think up clever and witty headlines for each post, like "Blog Loving Obsessives Group"

9. You regard blogging as one of the four cardinal web virtues, along with Linux, opera and netiquette

10. You smile inwardly at new words like "blogosphere", and try to coin your own

11. You keep posting so as to keep your blog high up in the "recent postings" lists

12. You continually visit your blog in an effort to create more "hits"

13. You have more than one hit tracker on your blog, "in case any visitors get missed"

14. You check the results of each hit counter at least daily

15. You "google" your blog to see if it comes up first

16. You treasure every comment like precious gem, rare and beautiful

17. You regard strangers as merely people who haven't read your blog yet

18. You write comments in other peoples' blogs promoting your own

19. You ask everyone you meet if they know about your blog.

20. If someone asks what is a blog, you launch into an extended discussion finishing with them sitting in front of your blog

21. You continually tweak your blog template, in an effort to make your site look "better"

22. You put an RSS feed on your blog, but don't know what it is or how it works

23. You put as many site feeds, images and links on your blog as possible to generate "interest"

24. You start a campaign to get more links to your blog

25. You create your own merchandising advertising your blog

26. You have a blog named after you

27. You have your own domain name, which is your name, and is also your blog

28. You have BOTH a public AND a private "secret" blog, just for you

29. You regard blog hosting services other than your own with a competitive eye

30. You love your own blog hosting service with a passion approaching worship

31. You "rate" other blogs against your own as either better or worse

32. You regard your blog as an extension of your inner self

33. You regard your blog as a member of the family with the same rights and privileges

34. You spend "quality time" with your blog in lieu of other people in your life

35. You believe your blog loves you as much as you do it

36. You imagine your blog will be read by generations to come and marvelled at by future historians

37. You write lists about what it means to be obsessive compulsive about your blog

38. You blog lists like this on your own blog

39. You become anxious if you haven�t posted to your blog each day. Quick, post this list now.

40. You got this list from

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