You've found Father McKenzie. But are you really looking for Eleanor Rigby?

Thursday, April 08, 2004


Results just in.

You can see them here

Or if my HTML is flakey (drumroll please):

No, rules is rules 32% 7
No, because the "Thorpedo" is a known WMD 14% 3
No, his sexuality is questionable 0% 0
Yes, his sexuality is questionable 5% 1
Yes, there was a second gunman, on the grassy knoll 9% 2
Yes, he holds the world record at this event and is the best swimmer, and Australia loses if he doesn't swim 41% 9

22 votes total

YESSSS! BRING BACK THORPE (actually I voted at least 8 times for the last one, so there may be some sampling bias there. Who knows?

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