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Monday, March 29, 2004

That he's not the Lord mayoer any more - see the Brisbane City Council website

The Brisbane City Council's Lord Mayor is Councillor Tim Quinn. Councillor Quinn became Brisbane City's fourteenth Lord Mayor on 20 May 2003.

Mayor's message
I became Lord Mayor in May 2003 and it is a great privilege and honour to have the opportunity to lead Brisbane as we face the challenges a growing city brings.

Mayor's projects and reports
The Mayor's latest projects and reports include the North South Bypass Tunnel, Green Bridge and the flood risk study. In 2004, the Mayor will appoint a new team to manage the city's major projects.

Work begins on North South
Bypass Tunnel
The Council is investigating the
feasibility of the North South Bypass
Tunnel that will be built under the
Brisbane River.

The first step of the feasibility study
involves drilling the rock under the
Story Bridge at Kangaroo Point.
This will determine rock levels
that will need to be drilled through
to construct the tunnel.

Find out more about the feasibility

I wonder what incumbent Campbell Newman thinks of all this?

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