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Sunday, March 28, 2004


I just finished reading "Baptism of Fire" by Frank Collins. A really interesting read if you ever get your hands on a copy. The first half of the book is devoted to being an SAS soldier, the second half follows the author's conversion and transition from the SAS to ordination in the C of E. He strats off as a Pentecostal but eventually identifies himself as an eveangelical. Well done, that man.

Read a bit more at Amazon.

Tragically Frank killed himself, apparently soon after writing the book. It is now out of print but it is highy recommended reading - especially for thise with heads stuffed full of SAS tirvia . And finally a big hello to all those anorak-wearing SAS trainspotters out there - one day I''ll write a full review for you.


Anonymous said...

hello i read the book too over the last 2 weeks and found it very interesting, i like the way you put it in your post, (apparently he commited suicide) because thats exactly how i would put it too. After reading his book i find it hard to belive he would take his own life, i came up with 2 possible theories of my own, one someone else took it for him, and two, maybe just maybe he wanted to get that bit closer to god. But (no note) surely he would have left an explaination, and the way he doted on his family, just dont make sense. Im looking for more info, any ideas where to look ?.

Anonymous said...

I am after the book is anyone interested in selling it to me, as I cannot locate it?