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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Just been reading some of Mark Steyn's terrible Right-Wing propaganda exposing the mistakes of war in Iraq. I'll list you with the top ten naysayer's opinions of what would go wrong - and leave it up to you to read Herr Steyn's rejoinders (and yes he writes self-fulfilling prophecies, but so what?)

One year on, and Iraq's better off

1. ''Iraq's Slide Into Violent Anarchy'' (The Guardian, April 11, 2003).
2. ''The head of the World Food Program has warned that Iraq could spiral into a massive humanitarian disaster'' (The Australian, April 11, 2003).
3. ''Iraqis Now Waiting for Americans to Leave'' (Associated Press, April 10, 2003).
4. ''If Saddam is not found dead, or caught alive, it will be the worst of all possible closures for the war against Iraq'' (Roland Flamini, UPI, April 10, 2003).
5. ''Iraq was a new country cobbled together from several former Ottoman provinces, its lines drawn by the Europeans'' (Mark Mazower, The Independent, April 7, 2003).
6. ''Turkey is concerned that a Kurdish capture of Kirkuk could help bankroll moves to establish an independent Kurdistan'' (Agence France-Presse, April 9, 2003).
7. ''Rather than reforming the Muslim world, the conquest of Iraq will inflame it'' (Jeffrey Simpson, Toronto Globe and Mail, April 10, 2003).
8. ''Looting is always unsavory. Let's hope the Americans don't pilfer the oil'' (Brenda Linane, The Age of Melbourne, April 11, 2003).
9. ''Weapons of Mass Destruction. Remember them? Not a single one has yet been found'' (Bill Neely, Independent TV, April 10, 2003).

(by the way, this answer intrigued me the most. Libya? Sounds like "Dubya" to me)

10. ''America is already losing the peace!'' (Everyone.)

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