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Friday, September 26, 2003

WHEN CHARACTER WAS KING, AND THE MOON WAS IN THE SEVENTH HOUSE...Will the real Great Communicator please stand up? Skimming through various different blogs brought up, on the same day, the following interesting juxtaposition of quotations from America's 40th President:

Exhibit A:

"Ronald and Reagan and the King James Bible. A transcript of one of Ronald Reagan's famous radio adresses. In this address, Ronald Reagan, the great orator, eloquently gives his thoughts on the "Good News Bible" (also called the Good News for Modern Man and Today's English Version) in comparison to the Authorized Version or the King James Bible."

(Thanks to Boar's Head Tavern (again!) for the link to that KJV-only site.)

Exhibit B:

"I have learned painfully that some "idealism" is in effect a flight from reality... To show you how "over idealistic" my training was — I awoke to the realization (almost too late) that even in marriage I had a little guilty feeling about sex, as though the whole thing was tinged with evil. A very fine old gentleman started me out on the right track by interesting me in the practices of, or I should say, moral standards of, the primitive peoples never exposed to our civilization — such as the Polynesians. These peoples who are truly children of nature and thus of God, accept physical desire as a natural, normal appetite to be satisfied honestly and fearlessly with no surrounding aura of sin and sly whispers in the darkness ... I guess what I am trying to say is that I oppose the dogmas of some organized religions who accept marital relationship only as a "tolerated" sin for the purpose of conceiving children and who believe all children to be born in sin. My personal belief is that God couldn't create evil so the desires he planted in us are good and the physical relationship between a man and woman is the highest form of companionship ..."

(Link via Andrew Sullivan's weblog.)

America's first (and, so far, only) divorced President, whose wife had an abortion and who ran the White House using astrology ... hey, but at least he didn't use the Good News Bible or the New World Translation!

The president with three names of 6 letters each also didn't read any of the numerous rebuttals of Margaret Meade either, by the sound of it.

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