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Thursday, September 18, 2003

The Prime Minister of Australia said recently that no-one had said to him that they were upset that the value of their house has risen. So I wrote him a letter:

Dear Prime Minister

I am angry that the price of my home has risen.

Although this may have immediate individual benefit for my family unit, it means that corresponding prices for subsequent homes that we would otherwise been able to afford have also risen, at a rate far beyond our ability to catch up.

[... My] opportunity to move into a larger home to accommodate increasing family size have now been severely curtailed. We may be forced to limit the intended size of our family to match the size and affordability of homes.

What is the government planning to do to apply the brakes to an already overheated housing market, in light of the probable burst of this bubble in the very near future, to make homes more affordable?

Media reports of record consumer debt and the potential of even slight interest rate rises exacerbate this problem.

Along with thousands of intending and existing homeowners, my family and I are being compromised of the chance of accessing the great Australian dream.

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