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Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Matthias Media -- What some of you were: stories about Christians and homosexuality: "This book was the 'Australian Christian Book of the Year in 2002. Click here to read the judges' comments.

Despite what the secular media and the gay community say, there are many Christians who do not wish to embrace a gay identity. These are people who, because of their commitment to Jesus Christ and their belief in the Bible, choose not to act upon their same-sex attraction.

In What some of you were, edited by Chris Keane (from Liberty Christian Ministries), you will have the privilege of reading the stories of people who have made that choice. They wish to share their struggles and the way in which God has worked powerfully in their lives. Also included are articles which shed light on this complex issue from a Christian perspective.

This is a book for two sorts of readers: for those who are struggling personally with this issue, and are looking for inspiration, hope and encouragement; and for the general Christian reader, to be informed about the issues, to understand the personal pain and suffering of those involved, and to be equipped to help. The book also includes a discussion guide to help small groups talk through the issues, using What some of you were as a basis.

For a FREE download of the Table of Contents, Preface, and first two chapters of this important new book, Click here."

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