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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Politicians court the Hillsong crowd

PETER COSTELLO: And as you go back to your communities and your churches, to your neighbourhoods, to your workplaces, and as you live in community with fellow Christians, with your family, I hope that you find the strength of God in your lives, because this is the strength of a society and this will be the strength of our nation. More...

What we need now is a Politician State of Origin, where the boys and girls from Canberra slip on the coloured strip and go thumping each other for the sake of God, country and votes. I can see it now - a risky high tackle by Costello on Kevin Rudd. A neat pass to Howard, the nuggety little half-back from NSW. And a king hit from that big Perth prop, Beazley. What a game!

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