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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Crazy Frog PM fashion faux pas

The Prime Ministerial personage pontificates proudly, resplendant in his sartorial elegance, like a dwarfish thief in a giant's cloak. Note the pants, and the carefully orchestrated balance of faun and buff, in perfect concert with the chrome-dome topping kevlar, this year's fashion masterpiece.

and note the uncanny similarity to the crazy frog


JP said...

Having stood behind Johnnie and Jeanette for five minutes once, I have had a good opportunity to eyeball the guy. He is a great leader, but he has the most odd body ever, he comes across quiet short, not because he is, but because he has thick stocky arms and body which make him look quite odd, quite otherworldly, almost like a caricature of the man you see on TV. Jeanette being quite similar herself, I have thought of them endearingly ever since as the Prime Munchkin and his Munchkin wife.

Tom R said...

J Winston always reminded me more of "Mr Toad" from The Wind in the Willows -- the original Ernest Shepard book etchings, not the green Kermit-like frog from the Disney cartoons -=- kitted out in cap and goggles to go a motoring.

"Urr, vroom, urr, vroom, and, urr, in respect of that, Kerrie, let me just say, without, urr, hint of apology -- Vroom!"