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Monday, July 25, 2005

D. A. Carson on The Emerging Church

The current online issue of Modern Reformation covers the Emerging Church phenom.

Read in full what D. A. Carson has to say about it. Here's an excerpt:

At the heart of the Emergent Church movement—or as some of its leaders prefer to call it, the “conversation”—lies the conviction that changes in the culture signal that a new church is “emerging.” Christian leaders must therefore adapt to this emerging church. Those who fail to do so are blind to the cultural accretions that hide the gospel behind forms of thought and modes of expression that no longer communicate with the new generation, the emerging generation.


Anonymous said...

Carsen "I have not yet seen from McLaren, or anyone else in the Emergent Church movement, a critique of any substantive element of postmodern thought."


Carsen "Is there at least some danger that what is being advocated is not so much a new kind of Christian in a new Emergent Church, but a church that is so submerging itself in the culture that it risks hopeless compromise?"

I'm glad I dealt with the issue of post-modernism during my undergraduate days in the mid 90's and that I was surrounded by people who denounced post-modernism as just another meta-narrative established by philosophers like Nieche et al who where all atheistic to the core.

Stephen said...


I prefer the term "postmodern pope" to describe the authority of those _special_ authors who deride all authority.

Carson was involved in a big seminar in the US late last year - I can't yet find the transcript but there are the published notes of one "Stanley Mills" who was there, and his take on Don Carson's take on the whole EC issue.

"Feel free to pass it along to others that may be interested, but please understand that my desire in this response is not to produce further polarizations, but to foster genuine, honest dialogue about matters of importance. So please read it and/or pass it along in that spirit, not in a spirit of divisiveness. If any of you want to talk more about any of this, I'd be glad to. Just let me know."

Long but interesting reading.

Anonymous said...

The plot thickens - D A Carsen vs Forge Australia vs McLaren.

See here:

Seems to me D A Carsen has struck a nerve!