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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Dark Satanic Mills

Letter to the Editor, The Courier Mail, in response to One employee's loss is another employee's gain

Dr Gruen's contempt for the ordinary worker comes as no surprise to anyone familiar with the "enterprising" nature of unfettered free market capitalism.

The glorification of employer rights at the expense of workers reduces the employee to a disempowered victim "churned" into the unemployment queues as the boss sees fit.

A job is not a favour graciously dispensed from the hand of a benevolent management as a sign of the company's largesse like some form of corporate welfare.

The work that an employee does should be essential to the efficient operation of any organisation, otherwise, according to Dr Gruen's own logic, it will succumb to the inexorable law of the free market and fail.

What Dr Gruen proposes is a race to the bottom, where employees are regarded as chattel, relying solely on the good feelings of their boss for their livelihood, and exploited and disposed of on a whim.

Such retrograde attitudes have already been tried in the dark satanic mills of yesteryear, where workers were plentiful,life was cheap and
the ancestors of Dr Gruen's dystopian ideology gorged themselves on the sorrow and misery of thousands of innocents in the pursuit of "profit".

The real propaganda, the real spin, comes from tired old ideologues like Dr Gruen and their outdated policies of despair.

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