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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Vader is Hitler

In my humble opinion, George Lucas has taken a turn for the worse - the whole Star wars saga revolves around vader - who has killed his ten thousands (and more) - just like old mate Adolf. It is only a coincidence that the movie Downfall, chronicalling Hitler's last days in the Fuhrerbunker and Episode III - Revenge of the Sith should be released so close together, but the parallels are uncanny.

From The USA today article:

“He's not a mustache-twirling villain. There are layers of depth in there,
and people relate to that,” says Shanti Fader, a contributing essayist to the
Star Wars and Philosophy.

Vader may torture his daughter, Princess Leia, and watch as the Death Star destroys her home planet of Alderaan, but, as Luke attests, “there is still good in him.” When given the opportunity, Vader refrains from killing Luke.

That combination of good and bad elevates Vader above most cookie-cutter villains.

and from the Sunday Mirror (UK) (yep, that's right!)

Producer Bernd Eichinger maintains portraying Hitler as a human being adds to
rather than diminishes the horror of what he did. "For me, the terrifying thing
is that he was human, not an elephant or a monster from Mars," he says. "If he'd
been a monster it would take the guilt away from other people - from his
millions of followers. A monster is capable of anything, but everyone knows that
one man could never have pulled it off alone."

George Lucas, man for the centuries, has created the archetypal 21st century anti-hero from the archetypal 20th century villain. This is the work of a perverse genius.

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