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Thursday, May 19, 2005

iPod, sod, this is God

Looking for what I might find on God's iPod I stumbled across the phenom of "Godcasting" - ie transmission via iPod (or podcasting) the true, unadulterated and pure Word of God in MP3 format.

There's even a (yet to be launched) site called God's iPod.

But what really grabbed me was the alternative worship's site with a putatuve tracklist of songs.

While there is a fair range of songs, the comment above is most illuminating:

"These tracks have made us, severally, reach unto the heavenlies in worship, achieve spiritual enlightenment, ecstasy, and generally feel nice."

Obviously God is truly worshipped when we feed God the music that makes us "spritually enlightened" (whatever that means), and feel good about ourselves.

Worship is me feeling good about me.

Where's God in this?

Off listening to his iPod, trying to feel better about humanity.


A. Friend said...

I'm not sure of the preachers and such on the iPod, as I dont own one, but I kind of feel that God and I are on the same page when I listen to various musicians. Especially those around the Woodstock era.

Anonymous said...

The GodPod
It's a low-cost digital device containing 160 hours of audio files. The whole of the Old and New Testaments (well, you want to hear every one of the begats, don't you?) are playable in spoken form.

Best of all, being solar-powered, the device is accessible to the developing world where electricity is still a luxury. And for lazy westerners, what could be better than listening to every verse of the Book of Habakkuk while basking on a beach?

We liked this little gaj so much we gave it the ship treatment. It's still technically known as the Megavoice – but that's too, well... 80's for us. We re-christened it the GodPod. Apple saviour Steve Jobs, time to meet another one here.

Bob said...

Greetings Father Mac! As one of the contributors to the "God's iPod" list, I can tell you that for me the operative phrase was "reach unto the heavenlies in worship," The song I put forth, Blessed Be Your Name, is one that reminds me of the need to bless God in whatever circumstances I find myself. I have subtitled it, when describing it to my friends, as "Job's song."

In essence, this song calls me to worship by reminding me that I should trust God no matter what may happen. I can't speak for others on that list, although I think it is safe to say that the last phrase shows that there is a bit of a sense of humor about what songs people chose.