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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Oldie but a goodie

In web terms, this real Audio media streaming file is ancient (10/3/2003) but I regard it as classic Phillp Jensen!

It's an interview with ABC 702 AM. He is speaking with Sally Loane.

Ironically, the very issues Phillip is addressing come up in the grab for the audio file on the ABC website. Thus:

"Sydney’s new Anglican Dean, Reverend Philip Jensen, has stirred the flock with a fire and brimstone speech about Religious tolerance.

He says we are too politically correct in our tolerance of other religions and that Christianity is the right religion."

Note the easy journalistic use of emotive and faintly derogatory language: "stirred the flock" and "fire and brimstone".

And NO, Phillip DOESN'T actually say, "We are too politically correct in our tolerance of other religions" he says, "Political correctness breeds relativism which says all religins are right which is a patent falsehood because they contradict each other at many points but we should be tolerant and engage in reasonable discussion."

Some quotes:

"The agenda (of the ABC) is to exclude Christianity"

"If some of the things (said against Christianity) were said against the Koran...there would be a riot on your hands."

"The only time you ever see the Bible being quoted is in order to show it to be wrong."

"Often we get journalists talking about us who know nothing about us." (this in contrast to Phillip's examples of sporting journalists sho are ex-players or who have some experetise in the field)

"You assume that the world is not interested in religion...but the Australian community is very interested."

In order to listen to the interview (it is RAM format) - DON'T download the Real Audio player - it is chock full of yucky ads.

Download a program called Real Alternative which is better, smaller and superior.

Unfortunately you can't save it, unless you try and record it with some third-party software as you listen like I did!

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