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Monday, May 09, 2005

Royal Roughnecks

Ninemsn (c/- AFP) reports that Prince Harry is about to commence officer training at Sandhurst, the UK's regular Army Officer training establishment.

He is expected to "enter a world of physical hardship, lack of sleep, pranks, hard drinking and -- some say -- secret liaisons with female cadets. "

Where is this place?And why isn't my officer training anything like this? Physical hardship and lack of sleep, yes, but pranks? Hard drinking? Secret liasons? Is this a frat house or a military school?

I suppose he'll fit right in, loving as he does to dress like a Nazi, take drugs and be surrounded by adoring females.

This quote also caught my eye (from an ex-appointee):

"... the moment the parents leave, the instructors start shouting at the recruits.
"It was terrifying. The entire night was taken up with showing us how to iron," he recalled. "

Terrifying ironing lessons. I suppose this gives new meaning to the term "iron discipline". Or maybe "iron will". I suppose this will make him a "iron man".

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