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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Moonleyting (update #3)

After achieving his goal of ensuring the re-election of the fahscist Bush and Howard juntas, Mark Steyn was permitted by Karl Rove and the Project for a New American Century to take a well-earned sabbatical. So, instead of featuring two or three new op-eds each day, SteynOnline has lain fallow since the second week of November:

For personal and family reasons, this website will be on hiatus for a while. My thanks to all of you for sending our readership rocketing during a wild election year, and especially to those who contributed comments, song parodies and psephological analysis. Please click on the mastheads at right for plenty of good reading material from my eminent colleagues around the globe. See you again soon. Mark

However, it seems you can take the boy out of the Internet, but not the Internet out of the boy. While putatively lounging on some St-Tropez beach with his wives, his sons, his menservants, his maidservants, his cattle, his goats, and the alien that dwelleth within his gates, Steyn has been sneaking off late at night to smoky Internet cafes to upload his more recent thoughts:

(1) "Species come and go -- and so do we" (London Telegraph, 13 December 2004)

(2) "An Englishman's home is his dungeon" (London Telegraph, 14 December 2004)

(3) "Purrs of self-satisfaction" (The New Criterion, December 2004)

(4) "In praise of 'Jesusland': Whatever their faults, America's Christian fundamentalists are a lot smarter than Eutopian secularists" (The Spectator, 18 December 2004 -- free registration required)

(5) “Say ‘Merry Christmas’ while you still can”, The Telegraph, London (21 December 2004)

(6) “Americans have their holidays in perspective”, Chicago Sun-Times (2 January 2005)

(7) “American stinginess is saving lives”, The Telegraph (London) (4 January 2005)

(8) “On tsunami’s shore”, The Washington Times (4 January 2005)

(9) “Broadway’s Last Good Time: Cy Coleman (1929-2004)”, 295(1) The Atlantic Monthly (January/February 2005), pp 210-11 [requires paid subscription]

(10) “Polygamy? It makes good tax sense”, The Telegraph (London) (28 December 2004)

If that's a "hiatus", I'd hate to see Steyn on black filtered coffee.

But Steyn hasn't even had the decency to link to these on his official homepage. I had to find them by setting the All-Seeing Lidless Eye of Minas Googhûl to alert me whenever it trawled by the phrase "by Mark Steyn". You can run, but you can't heyd from the Eye.

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