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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Genocide 2008

From The Onion...

Nigeria Chosen to host 2008 Genocides

Annan said he first noticed the full genocidal potential of soon-to-be embattled Nigeria in September, when the Niger Delta People's Volunteer Force threatened to shut down oil production.

"With so many poor and powerless people involved in messy, years-old conflicts, the situation is likely to be ignored long enough for things to get really ugly," Annan said. "And, of course, the slow-to-move, ineffectual UN will do everything it can to help shepherd Nigeria into a combined religious, political, and economic disaster of horrific proportions."

...which is interesting considering the post I received recently from the youthmultimedia gruppe identifying a flm about the tragedy / travesty that was Rwanda in 1994, in a film called Hotel Rwanda.

I once worked with a soldier who served in Rwanda as part of the Australian contribution to the UN peacekeeping contingent. He was an excellent operator but basically, he didn't want to talk about it. I am pretty sure he must have been present at the Kibeho massacre. The only story he was willing to tell was about Rwanda was the one about a Landrover 110 rolling over and one of the occupants receiving the barrel of a Steyr rifle impaled through the thigh - ouch!

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