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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

What would Jesus advertise?

Some discussion on the youth multimedia list generated from an ad made by the United Christian Church (USA) but refused broadcast by the media bad guys at CBS, NBC etc etc

Original Post:
WOULD JESUS BAN THIS AD? John Nichols, The Nation The United Church of Christ wants to spread a message of respect and inclusion for all. But the mainstream media won't let them. Watch the ad that that the networks found too "controversial" to air.

My response:

I can't speak for CBS or ABC or the UCC for that matter. After watching the ad, it's probably possible to read the accusations into it,although I found the associations between the images and the meaning derived bythe networks fairly subtle (call me ignorant but when I see a woman put her arm around another woman and hear the voiceover "wherever you are on life's journey", it doesn't make lesbians spring to mind).

What I would like to point out is "about" section of the rest of the site (

Some areas of interest:
1. The United Church of Christ publishes The New Century Hymnal—the only hymnal released by a Christian church that honors in equal measure both male and female images of God.

Although see for an alternative view

2. The UCC's Golden Gate Association ordains the first openly gay person in history as a Christian minister: the Rev. William R. Johnson.The ordination of the first lesbian minister follows soon after. In the following three decades, General Synod urges equal rights for homosexual citizens and calls on congregations to welcome gay, lesbian and bisexual members.

An alternative view on this "first" may be understood by considering the Episcopalian's efforts on this front and the response of the rest of the global Anglcan communion (see

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