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Monday, January 24, 2005


Speaking of Baaaaaaaarrrrrrnesey, congratulations on this act of heroism last week:

Aussie rocker Jimmy Barnes has been heralded a hero after thwarting a car theft at a Sydney hospital, police said today.

Barnes was in the Westmead Hospital car park at 11.30am (AEDT) on Thursday when he spotted a man acting suspiciously next to a vehicle.

A moment later a woman shouted that the man was stealing her car, prompting Barnes to chase him across the car park.

The would-be thief ran to the Suzuki he'd arrived in and attempted to drive off, but the rock legend jumped behind the wheel of his own car to block his exit.

And the frustrated punsters among this great State's constabulary couldn't have been more stoked if the carjack had been foiled by Ted Mulray himself (and his eponymous Gang):

"The man rammed Barnes' vehicle and drove away without a second prize," a NSW police spokesman said.

Barnes, who had recently returned from the Tamworth Country Music Festival, was not injured in the accident.

-- "Jimmy the hero", Melbourne Age (Saturday 22 January 2005)

Who needs Roger Ramjet's Proton Energy Pills when you've got Vitamin V to give you the super-strength to rock all night and then combat evil during the day?!

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