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Tuesday, May 11, 2004


So...heard the one about the Red Cross report into allegations of prisoner abouse in US run prisons in Iraq? Well, so have the Wall Street Journal, who had the document leaked to them recently. But if you would like to see it. you will have to PAY FOR THE PRIVILEGE.

Of course they are running a trial which gives you two weeks free online access, but this conveniently "rolls over" into a twelve month online subscription at just US$79!

I know, I know, the Red Cross are given access to heinous conditions because they assure confidentiality like any nice lackey NGO, but, hey, their report has been LEAKED. It's OUT IN THE OPEN! In the PUBLIC DOMAIN.

I'm not saying it should be treated like a Linux distro, but hey, aren't I entitled to know? In their defence, the WSJ might say they their sources are confidential, that they have a business to run, and random interlopers like myself shouldn't be sticking our noses in where we don't belong.

I agree, and I'm sure that's just what the MPs at Abu Ghraib prison think too.

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