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Monday, October 06, 2003

HUNT MEETS THE HUNTER: Oztraya's Pryminster John Hunt was praised by Steve "The Crocodile Hunter" Irwin last week. A political story that should get front page on, for all the obvious reasons. Ironically, the day before this story broke, I was watching an episode of Kath and Kim wherein Glen Robbins' character "Kel Knight", in the throes of filling out his GST paperwork, repeatedly curses our Prime Minister for inflicting this new tax upon the small businessman. But now The Crocodile Hunter -- who, like US Senator and Presidential aspirant John Kerry, was mistaken by this scribe for a Glen Robbins comedy character when first sighted on television -- is praising J. Winston.

PS. The horrors of Googling to cyber-footnote one's blog-statements ... I [a] now know there's an Ohio town named Glen Robbins, and [b] came across someone else who's wondered what I've often wondered:

"The new Premier [of Ontario] is Liberal Dalton McGuinty. (Where do Canadians get these wonderful, sturdy frontier names – Lester Pearson, Lloyd Axworthy, Dalton McGuinty? They just roll of the tongue with old-fashioned Canadian solidity. ...)"

-- "Evil reptilian kitten-eater wins Ontario", by Hillary Bray

Not to mention Preston Manning and Stockwell Day. You almost expect Fess Parker as well.

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