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Monday, October 06, 2003

Google Search: Laura Schlessinger: "Dr. Laura"

Dr laura Schlessinger seems to be saying the same thing as [below]. . . but in the land of the free and the home of the brave there are always those who hate others expressing their own opinions publicly, and feel such issues must be kept to oneself, and only practised at home between consenting adults behind closed doors . . .

Stop Dr Laura

"Two months and 14 million–plus hits since its March 1 launch, has become one of the most impressive weapons in the American lesbian and gay activism arsenal. Like a cyber machine gun, it has hit its targets with precision: the people and institutions involved in the creation and distribution of homophobic radio talk-show host Laura Schlessinger’s planned syndicated talk show for Paramount Television. The moment people’s names and numbers went up on the Web site, their phones began to ring incessantly, their fax machines began to churn, their E-mail accounts filled to capacity, and all were forced to realize that something was very, very wrong out there — something they each had a role in precipitating...."
"Takin' it to the streets," by Mike Signorile, the Advocate, 2000

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