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Thursday, February 02, 2006

This, sad to say, is not a parody from "The Onion"

... much as it might read like one:

KENYANS reacting to an offer from New Zealand of dog food to save hungry children have said that they would rather eat dog food than starve to death. “It is better to eat dog’s meat than succumb to death,” said Thomas Oddo, who recently lost a child due to starvation. His comment followed an offer from New Zealand dog food manufacturer Christine Drummond who wants to send food to hungry children on Rusinga Island in Lake Victoria. Parents of some of the children said leaders opposed to the offer were only after satisfying their personal egos at the expense of starving millions in the country. “That dogs’ food would save the lives of the malnourished children,” said James Ochieng, speaking on behalf of the parents on Rusinga Island....

- "Starving Kenyans back dog food plan", Daily Telegraph (2 February 2006)

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