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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sony Gets Priorities Right

Latest news is that Sony has decided to discontinue production of its niche-market robotic toy dog the Aibo. As reported in Forbes, the obligatory Sony spokesperson asserts:

"Aibo has been a very popular product, but we've decided to focus on our core businesses of electronics, games and entertainment, and on profitability and strategic growth."

Hmm, yes. Like opening up a website - - to allow Christian apologists and critics to publicly air their views on the soon-to-be-released movie of the Da Vinci Code, addressing its theological and historical claims about Christianity.

Not a bad idea considering another well-known religious group's responses to another media outlet's treatment of their founder.

As one of the anti-Da Vinci Code essayists writes, "Heresy rightfully gets Christians upset, and responding is necessary."

But I don't think we'll see any Sony products being destroyed by rioting Christians. Except, perhaps, the end-of line Aibo. More likely we''ll get some responses sympathetic with how these Japanese consumers felt about the trashing of their favourite non-pet:

"Aibo is so symbolic of Sony quality I'm starting to lose faith in Sony's audiovisual products."


"I feel the decision to withdraw from a product that's so representative of Sony heralds an end for Sony as a global leader."

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