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Monday, June 07, 2004


Well, the story just keeps on coming. Let's hope it dies out soon!

I have been sledged again, this time by a fellow letter writer to The Courier-Mail.

STEPHEN (Letters, June 5) is worried about what sort of message his kids might get from seeing the occassional lesbian or two on TV, but he should be more worried about what sort of message they get from his reaction. Their chances of keeping sexuality in any sort of healthy perspective would surely be diminished by the sight of Daddy freaking out about two women who aren't even shown touching each other. The best message we can send to our kids is that sex is one important aspect among many of a rich and healthy life. Let's not get quite so worked up about it.
- Neil McCrossin, Deagon
June 6

Well, I've been told off by a Senator Bryna Greig (Democrats, WA) and now by Neil McCrossin of Deagon, so I better keep my big mouth shut and my opinions to myself. If only I'd said how great everything was with the world then everyone who love me - although I'd probably be accused of being "unrealistic". You can't win!

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