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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Now for an issue close to my heart - drugs (and schools!).

Kenmore State High School is having a bad press run this week thanks to some lovely footage screening on Channel 7.

This footage is an obvious example of what is called in the business a "vexatious complaint"

According to statements from Education Queensland (conveniently ignored in the main "scoop"last night, but given voice at the death of the story by Rod Young), the student who submitted the video to seven MADE IT ALL UP.

It's his revenge you see, as his mates were the ones suspended from the school last month for being naughty children with drugs in the playground. THEY WERE CAUGHT. Who's turning a blind eye now?

No prizes for guessing he's a FILM AND TV STUDENT, as the "mystery student" interviewed by 7 commented on the first class facilities offered by his school in, you guessed it, Film and Television.

Those pesky newshounds at Seven are still rustling up business for their fraudulent story.

How about they fall on their sword like the good editor of the Mirror did in UK, after being caught out publishing fake Iraq photos?

On March 22, 200 Year 12's from Kenmore State High School went off on their annual "convention" to the Sunshine Coast and talked about, among other things, "a whole range of issues including leadership, health issues, drugs and alcohol, and lifestyle choices."

Apparently this isn't good enough for some students. They either didn't attend, or didn't listen to what they were told. Drugs will mess you up. And lying about it will too.

Meanwhile the Queensland Drug and Alcohol Foundation suggests students caught using drugs should not be expelled.

Good idea. First, give schools some more money to run these anti-drug crusades as well as educating the masses on everything from to art to zoology. Then, give all teachers the power to search any student bag at any time so they can more easily find those who need help. Finally, for those who make up lies using the very skills their school has taught them in a pathetic attempt at taking revenge, I have only one word - expulsion.

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