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Monday, December 22, 2003


Saw this a few months back but now it's very relevant.

From the site:

"NEWS RELEASE and Photo-call Issued 02.09.03

PROFESSIONALS from the world of advertising have been enlisted to create a striking poster and series of commercial radio ads which was unveiled by the Churches Advertising Network (CAN) in London on September 9th.

In a radical twist to the traditional nativity scene and Christmas carols, the new series of Christmas adverts will follow the theme: 'Ask Him for something' and offer an alternative to the usual commercial Christmas - encouraging people to tap into a spiritual dimension instead.

CAN, the Churches Advertising Network, is an independent and ecumenical group of Church communicators which for the past ten years has produced a series of striking and often controversial poster and radio adverts.

Last year's award winning radio campaign,' Losing the Plot', which scooped the Andrew Cross Award for best radio advert or promotion, was aimed at a youth audience and broadcast on 24 radio stations including the Galaxy network and London's Kiss 100FM in the run up to Christmas 2002.

Church groups from various Christian denominations across the country will be invited to buy airtime on their local commercial radio stations in the fortnight before Christmas, with the aim of reaching young people in their area. Sponsorship has also been received to place the advert on the Galaxy network of stations and London's Kiss FM.

Picture here

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