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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Not from "The Onion"

"Concerns over cage-fighting approval"

ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) [Sat 15 Sept 2007]

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) is concerned the Western
Australian Government has approved an event in Perth next month that
will see competitors fight in a cage.

The Government's Professional Combat Sports Commission has issued a
permit to the promoters of the King of the Cage mixed martial arts contest.

The commission's executive officer Darren von Bergheim believes
granting the permit will allow the event to be staged in a way that
ensures the participants' safety.

Permit conditions include that contestants have medical clearance,
and that a medical practitioner is on hand at all times.

But the AMA's president in WA, Geoff Dobb, says any event which
encourages participants to beat their opponents senseless should not
be condoned.

"Cage fighting is really a naked demonstration of violence, and I
think there is no place for an exhibition such as this in the 21st
century," he said.

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