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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Crossing Jordan on the Yarra

"A new body established by the [Victorian] State Government will address family-friendly employment practices and issues... Jill Hennessy will become the inaugural chairwoman of the State Government's Working Families Council..."
- David Wilson, " Council to help workers get a life," Melbourne Age (25 August 2007).
Calm down, Crossing Jordan fans - not that Jill Hennessy. This one's a Victorian barristrix (and a former ALP State President, as it happens. Gosh, what a lucky coincidence that she happened to be the best-suited applicant for the job in an open selection process!). The ALP's already had one J. Cavanagh and he was quite enough.

Such disappointment as has not been seen since Iraqis learned it was a different J. Garner whom Dubya was appointing as his prefect plenipotentiary to reign over them.

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